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I truly believe that any chemistry student can get the grade they want.

Organic Live is a platform for struggling chemistry students that cannot access a professor's office hours (for whatever reason) and are tired of the lack of live interaction that a YouTube video just doesn't provide.

For more information, here's what I'm all about

I want you to want to learn

Anything I can do to help foster that spirit, let me know. I always want the Organic Live experience to be fulfilling (i.e., NOT a waste of time), whether it's having fun and learning chemistry or experiencing that "light bulb moment."

Where's all the content?!

Please bear with me while I build this project into something you all deserve. Mostly, I want this to be fun and well-run, and I am working on building content (i.e., lessons) to affect those goals. Unfortunately, this will take some time and resources, so I appreciate your patience while I get everything ready to go. Donations are always appreciated and will absolutely be used toward production of Organic Live.

Now that I've sucked you in, if you're curious...

You can check out my series on the history of chemistry on Medium! Starting with Aristotle, I've commented on the most famous minds and discoveries of chemistry; if you've ever wondered what it was like to be a 18th century chemist on the verge of discovering oxygen, or if you're in the mood to hear a chemist poking fun at his own field of study, you should give that link a shot.